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But in December the company told employees it will become primarily remote, meaning there will be no location or regular in-office requirements for most workers. But it will keep its offices, including its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, open to employees. Frana has noticed more and more that companies are listing soft skills as requirements in their job listings. Highlighting these skills at the top of your resume and in conversations with hiring managers can help you stand out from other remote job candidates. Even as vaccine rollouts are becoming widespread, many major companies have announced plans to switch to long-term remote work. Although the transition has not been smooth and seamless, many organizations realized that this is the future of work – pandemic or not.

At the very beginning, both companies and workers were complaining about low productivity during the pandemic. The pandemic surely left a mark on companies’ activity no matter the field or industry. Almost all processes from the previous year were either stopped or performed remotely.

These companies decided to go fully remote — permanently

A spokesperson for FlexJobs declined to disclose the number of remote jobs posted on the platform per company. With eight offices in the U.S., the biotech company offers a hybrid work setup for many employees. Leadership in human resources emphasizes flexibility in a post-pandemic work world. Many R&D employees and manufacturing specialists continue to report each day while others work from home full-time. Box is a company that offers cloud content management and file-sharing services for businesses. Around 15 percent of Box’s workforce was already working remotely before the COVID-19 crisis hit.

The company has tripled in size during the pandemic and being fully remote has allowed it to build a more diverse team. Davis Smith, CEO of outdoor gear and apparel company Cotopaxi, was also firmly against remote work before the pandemic. The company decided that employees who relocate to lower-cost cities would not have their pay adjusted.

Are there companies that will go to remote locations permanently?

The IT industry, for instance, was partially affected by the most common effect of the pandemic – remote work. While most of the companies decreased their work volume due to a drop in the client’s number and the impossibility of meeting them personally, Some other companies from the same field were already “prepared” for such complex work levels. BPO (business process outsourcing) and outsourcing companies were probably the least affected by lockdown, since they are operating from other countries, and freelancers as well didn’t feel so much how work has been changing all over the world. If you’re hoping to land a remote job in 2024, consider brushing up on your non-technical skills. Microsoft said some roles will continue to require an in-person presence, such as those needing access to hardware, the firm added.

what companies are going remote permanently

Its former offices around the world have been turned into collaboration centres with hot desks, enabling teams to choose to occasionally work in person and brainstorm. “We’ve designed a 100-day programme specifically to train new starters in adapting to remote-first working,” says Flannigan. “It includes networking opportunities, where we encourage team members to meet in a collaborative space, introduce themselves companies going fully remote and build their working relationships.” Pivoting to virtual work meant overhauling decades’ worth of in-person practices, says Flannigan. The trend skews towards technology firms, particularly startups, who are inherently tech-enabled, and have invested in their remote workforces. During the pandemic, for instance, Airbnb pivoted to a “Live and Work Anywhere” programme, which it’s retained to date.

Remote work isn’t killing business travel – it’s transforming it

Traders, merchants, and consumers use the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2002, Atlassian is a publicly-traded computer software business specializing in collaboration, development, and issue-tracking software for teams. The shift to remote work over the course of the pandemic has had a noticeable effect, said Cindy Owyoung, vice president of inclusion, equity and belonging at Robinhood. While successful so far, Smith said he still worries about the potential long-term implications of a remote working model. “It seems so distracting… we are just focused on building the business and great culture. We’re not worried about having to make all those decisions. There’s been a huge benefit in that — just making that decision early,” he said. “Inherently, we have a bias toward people who are around, whether we can detect it or not,” said Cancel, who said he saw this firsthand at a previous company.

After the pandemic, the majority of employees were allowed to work from home until the end of 2020. The CEO, Aaron Levie, said that the company plans to increase this number over time. In a March 2021 BBC article, it was reported that oil and gas giant, British Petroleum is going hybrid. The company announced in February “Town Hall” meetings that they are introducing a new hybrid work model where 25,000 BP office staff worldwide will work from home 40% of the time, or two days a week for full-time employees. The sudden shift to include more remote work at companies across the U.S. impacts the current workforce differently than future workers. As companies test new working models, the workforce to come can permanently alter their career path in a way unheard of even five years ago.

Even so, they will have the option to telecommute or work from home from time to time. While this move was expected at some point, the pandemic accelerated the turn of events. Below, we’ve rounded up 18 companies that have switched to long-term remote work.

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