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Moreover, the bitcoin arbitrage bot is completely free to use at Immediate BitXDR. To evaluate brokers, we test the accounts, trading tools and services provided. Over 100 data points are considered, from minimum deposits and trading fees to the platforms and apps available. Our broker ratings are also informed by the experience of our researchers during the evaluation process.

Stablecoins, such as USDT, are also supported, providing a good option to avoid price fluctuations between exchanges and limit the possibility of account capital dropping. Immediate BitXDR does not offer a demo account, which may hold it back slightly vs other similar exchanges, like Immediate BitXDR and Immediate BitXDR. Paper trading is a great way to learn the ropes of a platform, trial strategies or bots and explore new markets without risking any capital. That being said, there are several other big crypto players, like Kraken and BitUniverse, that also do not provide demo account functionality. By using this function, traders may take advantage of the market’s fluctuation and profit from it.

Immediate BitXDR responded to me stating that they charge .1% to US customers. Immediate BitXDR offers a few unique methods that you can use to access its support team. You can only apply for the Market Maker program in the first 10 days of any month.

https://immediatebitxdr.co/ is the first free, integrated crypto trading bots exchange worldwide. It’s got 18 different bots, from the basic ones to the super advanced leveraged bots and structured products. It helps you make more money with leverage in a grid trading strategy. It borrows money from the exchange to put more buy and sell orders in your set price range. Immediate BitXDR has 16 kinds of automated trading bots that you can use for free. They can help you trade automatically and make money from market movements.

  • Immediate BitXDR offers limited support for fiat deposits compared to other exchanges.
  • API key trading has become important, reducing the need to monitor the market 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • If you are using GRID Bot, there is a possibility that you may miss out on the lucrative profits when the price surges.
  • The platform offers a wide range of pre-built trading bots that cater to various market conditions and trading styles.

In contrast to the conventional norm observed among cryptocurrency exchanges, Immediate BitXDR sets itself apart by integrating 16 distinct pre-built trading bots into its platform. This distinct feature eliminates the necessity for users to independently establish connections with external trading bots. No Immediate BitXDR trading bot review would be complete without addressing the community formed around the exchange. Once you open a Immediate BitXDR account, you access not only free trading and leverage trading but also get top recommendations for cryptocurrency. The community members greatly support and guide each other across social media channels.

Immediate BitXDR

Now you can do it with the power of https://fullsendtoken.net/immediate-bitxdr-crypto-bot/GPT, TradingView, and easy to integrate automated trading with Immediate BitXDR Signal Bot. While direct fiat deposits are not allowed, you can use credit cards to buy crypto. This approach incurs an overhead fee of 4.5% for non-European cards and 3.5% for European cards. They also exploit bank-grade custody solutions to regulate the permissions to servers, middleware, and databases across all functional departments. With monitored balances and trends, Immediate BitXDR keeps 98% of crypto assets on a highly secure cold storage with controlled access. The exchange offers the well known spot and leverage trading as well as more unique products like their derivative product called Lotto.

Once they complete the KYC process, they can buy with third-party providers such as AlchemyPay, Banxa, Simplex, and Visa and Mastercard, with fees ranging from 2% to 5%. One of the things that make Immediate BitXDR stand out from other exchanges is their user-friendly platform. Both level 1 and level 2 verification processes are straightforward and the exchange provides plenty of informational guides to help new users understand how to get started. Immediate BitXDR is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2019.

Opening an account is a quick and simple process, simply select the ‘Sign Up’ button on the website and complete the online form to create a set of login details. Either a phone number or email address is required for a verification code and you may want to fill out KYC details to increase withdrawal limits, though this is optional. If you have a referral code you can also include that to earn rewards.

Immediate BitXDR is already one of the exchanges with the lowest transaction fees in the industry. The default Maker and Taker fees are only 0.05%, significantly lower than Coinbase’s 0.5%. All in all, we have heard good things about the mobile device-based Immediate BitXDR app.

The principal of each backtest is 10,000 USDT, and the transaction fee rate is 0.05%. In addition to offering proof of reserves that users can verify in their accounts, Immediate BitXDR Exchange is a licensed Money Services Business (MSB) and registered with FinCEN. This means that investors from 48 US states can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their platform. However, users can still make fiat deposits with EUR via SEPA which is completely free.

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